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Coiling the start of a sculpture

About me

Originally from London, I have lived in North Somerset since 1988. I started making thrown domestic ware at evening classes, then discovered handbuilding as part of a pottery course at Bridgwater College. I now make most of my work using coiling, slabbing, pinching, modelling and carving techniques. I have always been interested in gardening, and this, together with the influence of the Somerset landscape, has a bearing on my work.

The process

I mainly use a gritty clay called Crank (Scarva Earthstone ES50), which gives a warm light brown colour and interesting surface textures when scraped, carved or polished. It can take two to three weeks to build and refine a sculpture, depending on the size and complexity of the piece. Excess clay thickness is removed by carving or scraping. Some pieces are inlaid with porcelain, which gives a pleasing contrast of colour and texture.

The work has to dry slowly and thoroughly, which can take a couple of weeks. It is then fired in an electric kiln to 1000 C, turning it from fragile clay into ceramic, strong enough to withstand the decorative treatment of applying a metal oxide solution then scrubbing it off to emphasise surface textures. Porcelain slip (liquid clay) is then brushed over some areas, and coloured slips or glaze applied.

The piece is then fired again, to 1280 C. The high temperature of the second firing vitrifies the clay, so that sculptures and planters can be safely left outdoors all year if desired.


If you would like to order any work shown on this website, please contact me to check availability and to make delivery/collection arrangements.


I would be happy to discuss any commission ideas, so do get in touch by phone or email.